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Swallows Nest Farm Product List
The flowers listed often differ from the photo in colour and shape throughout the year.  The written description adds this information.  If you require more information or would like to order please contact us at

Our flowers are organically grown without sprays and are free from pesticide and herbicide residue.


Protea Pink Ice
This ever-popular protea is available all year round.  Supply is only short for a few weeks in January.  Single stems are sold in varying lengths.

Protea Neriifolia Satin Mink
These lovely black fringed protea are available on and off throughout the year, with a flush in spring and autumn.  They are in limited supply.  Single stems are sold in varying lengths.
Protea Repens Pink
Protea Repens Pink, also called Sugarbush, is a waxy protea that flowers in Autumn and Winter.  The pink colour on the tips of the bracts fades to cream at the base of the flower. The centre mass is cream.

Protea Repens Red

Protea Repens Red, also called Sugarbush, is a waxy protea that flowers is Autumn and Winter.  The clear pinky red fades towards the base of each bract and the central mass is red.  

Protea White Ice
White Ice are a similar hybrid to the popular Pink Ice, clear and creamy white, with blush centres.  They are available in Spring and Autumn.

Protea Pink Cream
Pink Cream are a Protea Compacta Hyrbrid.  They have a warm pink colour with a pointed cream centre.  They are available in Autumn and Winter.

Protea Compacta Red
Red Compacta is a clear pink Protea with silvery white fringing.  The centres are a rich warm red.  They are available in spring and autumn.

White King Protea

These magificent King Protea are the largest flowers of the protea family.  They are newly planted at Swallows Nest and we expect they will be available from the end of 2016.
Red Mini King Protea
The King Protea, Protea Cynaroides, has many variations.  This variation has rich pinky red outer bracts and a clear white centre.  The flower heads are smaller than some Kings, opening to the size of a saucer.  They are available throughout the year.

 A mainstay of the industry, this popular Leucadendron is available almost all year round.  It varies in colour throughout the year living up to its name Safari Sunset changing from rich maroon red to pink and yellow in spring.  It is available in bunches of 10 single stems in varying lengths and sometimes available in multi-head stems in bunches of 5.

Red Gem
Red Gem are a beautiful and versatile Leuco.  They are long stemmed and tulip shaped with a bronze tinge to the red.  Leaves are green at times throughout the year, and colour intensifies in early autumn.  At the end of winter, they open and change to a rich creamy yellow.  Bunches of 10 single stems or bunches of 5 multi headed stems.  Available most of the year except for January and February.

These popular red Leucos are very similar to Safari Sunset but with a finer stem, more pointed tips and a slightly more orangey red colour.  Single stems in bunches of 10 in varying lengths.  Available most of the year (in short supply in summer)
Safari Goldstrike
 These magnificent large yellow flowers are teacup shaped and come on very long stems.  They are at their best in spring when they are golden yellow.  They can be used at other times of the year when they are green with pink tips. Single stems in bunches of 10.

Inca Gold
Inca Gold are an old favourite.  Their slender red tipped bracts are lime green for most of the year but in winter and spring become bright yellow.  They are avaiable in multi-headed stems in bunches of 5.

Maui Sunset
These are a beautiful creamy Leucadendron which at the height of spring become white.  They have shorter stem length than other Leucos but are sold as multi-headed stems of 2 years growth.  A green leuco with pink tinge throughout the year, in winter they begin to lighten and the pink blush deepens.  Bunches of 5 multi-headed stems.

Tall Red
 Tall Red is useful as a foliage plant for most of the year, having red and pink bracts all along long slender branches.  In spring, Tall Red "flowers" and becomes bright red and yellow with lime green pompom centres.  Sold in bunches of 10 with multiple small flower heads on each stem.

Silver Tree
It is difficult to capture the silvery beauty of this Leucadendron Silver Tree.  Its lush foliage is covered in silvery hairs which shimmer in the light giving it a silvery sage green colour over all.  A great accent foliage and always attracting interest.  Sturdy stems of varying lenghts are sold in bunches of 5 for most of the year (scarce in summer months).

Jubilee Crown/Christmas Cone
Jubilee Crown is a Leucadendron that is grown for its ruby red cones, called Christmas Cones in the southern hemisphere because they are at their best in late spring/early summer.  Sold in bunches of 10, often with multiple cones.  Sometimes avaiable in multi-headed bunches of 5.

Pisa is a beautiful spring flowering leucadendron with silvery green foliage and multiple bright yellow flower heads surrounding silvery green cones.  Sold in bunches of 5 stems with multiple flowers on each stem.  Useful as a foliage plant at other times of the year.

Variegated form of Leucadendron in a deep pinky red with a green stripe.  Colour varies throughout the year with the red lightening and becoming apricot.  Available as single stems in bunches of 10 from autumn and through winter.

Purple Haze/Galpinii
This Leucadendron is grown for its foliage and its silvery cones, which form spring.  The foliage is, as the name suggests, a lavender purple with a silvery tinge.  The leaves spiral around the stems.  Lovely filler throughout the year and the cones are a memorable addition to spring and summer bouquets.  New to Swallows Nest and available in 2014.

Lemon Spice
Lemon Spice is a slender, rounded late spring flowering Leucadendron that has a beautiful yellowy cream colour with a pink blush.  Stems are long and straight, and are often multi-headed.  They come in bunches of 10 in various lengths.

Gandogeri are a fabulous spring flowering Leuco that are almost papery with bright creamy white bracts around a bright yellow cone.  They have long straight stems and are sometimes available as multi-headed stems with more than one flower forming along the stem.  They come in bunches of 10 in various lengths.


Banksia Occidentalis
 Banksia Occidentalis, commonly called Swamp Banksia, flowers in late summer and early Autumn.  It has long stems with rich pinky red flower spikes.

Banksia (formerly Dryandra) Formosa
Banksia Formosa, previously Dryandra Formosa, is a small long lasting flower in a rich old gold colour.  Its foliage is also decorative.  Banksia Formosa flowers in spring.

Scarlet Ribbons
This Pincushion Protea or Leucospermum is a pinky red colour which when first picked has a purplish tinge.  It changes colour as it opens to pinkish orange and then deep red.  It is available in summer and is sold per stem.

Mardi Gras Yellow
Mardi Gras is a hybrid Leucospermum that has beautiful silvery conical flowers that open revealing red "ribbons" and yellow stamens.  The over-all colour is warm yellow.  These beautiful pincushions are available late spring and early summer and are sold as single stems.

Fountain Orange
Fountain are a later flowering pincushion that are available over Christmas and into January.  They are a pinky orange with purplish tips when they begin to open, and deepen to a rich orange as they mature. They are avaiable as single stems in various lengths.


Tasmanian Waratah
These vibrant and distinctive waratahs are quite different from the mainland varieties.  They are smaller - the size of a large carnation, and have memorable bent styles.  They are available in October and November with sturdy straight stems in various lengths.

Richea Dracophyla
This flower, sometimes called Pineapple Candle Heath, is a striking flower that blends equally well with natives as with strong architectural arrangements.  It is available for a few months over the end of winter, through spring and into early summer.  It has long stems with leaves spiralling around them.  White with a pink blush.

Tasmanian Myrtle Foliage
These beautiful trees produce foliage that is rich green, glossy and long lasting on sturdy stems.  This foliage is available almost all year round, in generous bunches of 10 stems.

Brunia Albiflora
Brunia Albiflora are a striking and sought-after flower with long vase life.  They have silvery glowing balls on the end of long straight stems and are available from the very end of summer and through autumn.  They are sold as single stems.

Berzelia/Button Bush
Button Bush is a beautiful spring flowering plant that present little white balls in bunches on the end of single stems.  It is useful before it flowers, when the balls are lime green, and then during its flowering stage they become creamy white.  They sold in bunches of 5.

Thryptomene is a beautiful Australian Native with a fresh memorable scent.  It flowers for a long period over winter and spring.  Tiny ruby red buds open into little white flowers which eventually cover the whole plant making it look snow covered.  It is sold in bunches of 450g and is a gorgeous winter filler.

Red Waratah
We grow a number of varieties of Red Waratah at Swallows Nest.  They vary slightly but the main advantage is that they have staggered flowering times, so the flowering period is extended.  There are early varieties, usually available from September, and then others that continue to flower right through until Christmas.  Very long stems and sold individually. 

New products will be listed as they become available.  We also have a range of foliage including the beautiful Risdon Peppermint native to Tasmania.  These are available at various times throughout the year.

All Swallows Nest Farm products are pesticide and herbicide free.  

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